Наряду с классификацией SAE, описывающей вес масла, API определяет его применимость к конкретному двигателю. Полную информацию о SAE можно найти здесь Наиболее распространенной классификацией характеристик масла считается классификация API, которая связывает характеристики масла с условиями эксплуатации двигателя. Марка масла включает в себя индекс, состоящий из двух букв, первая из которых определяет тип двигателя: S (Станция технического обслуживания) – бензиновые двигатели, а C (Коммерческие) – дизельные двигатели; вторая (A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, J, L, M) определяет норму эксплуатационных свойств. Марка масла также может быть фракционной, и тогда масло с точки зрения применения универсально – как для бензиновых, так и для дизельных двигателей.

The overall motor oil ranking for European engines was developed by CCMC. The CCMC grades of oils are compatible with API properties and comply with the standards of ASTM, CEC, IP or DIN.

A high standard of Europe automobile engines’ accelerating (the overall level of forcing ICE from the United States is relatively lower than this parameter regarding the engines, produced in Europe) forced the Association of European manufacturers to introduce quality requirements of motor oils – ACEA, which are harder than the API means. According to ACEA, engine oils in its characteristics are divided into classes: for petrol engines – A1-96, A2-96 and A3-96; for diesel motors of passenger cars – B1-96, B2-96 and B3-96; for diesel motors of trucks – E1-96, E2-96 and E3-96. The highest characteristics are of motor oils having in their marking indexes A3-96, B3-96 and E3-96. After changes and additions made in 1998, new grades have evolved in this categorization, which are: A1-98 and A3-98 – for petrol engines, B1-98, B2-98, B3-98 and B4-98 – for diesel engines of passenger cars, and E4-98 – for trucks.

USA and Japan automotive companies cooperating with ILSAC (International Lubricant Standardization and Approval Committee) have formulated standards to automobile oils for gasoline engines of motor cars. There are two grades in the ILSAC classification, which are designated as GF-1 and GF-2 and are respectively close to the SH and SG classes of the API classification.

As an example of marking of modern foreign motor oils, we’ll bring the marking of some oils, produces by German company MANNOL. Mineral universal all-season motor oil for petrol and diesel engines: Mineraloelbasis SAE 10W/30, API SF/CD, CCMC G2, PD2, MIL-L-2104E, MAN 271.

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