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We are very interested in various issues concerning car service and frankly speaking, this is the reason, why we have decided to create this Internet resource. We have already had a lot of experience in this area, and at the same time we are going to develop our skills. Getting some new pieces of knowledge we are planning to share them on the Internet.

Our aim is to respond to all the requests of the users who have found us through the search engine.

We are planning to post articles about different brands of cars, including reviews, comparisons, and technical specifications of cars with photos and links to video.

Here you can also find some requested data about the necessary amount of lubricant as well as the requirements of auto manufacturers concerning the engine oil selection. Our site contains the useful recommendations about tires and disk parameters for different car brands. Other amazing and interesting materials on automotive subjects are also involved.

The site is also needed as a platform for authors, where they could post their newly written articles.

In addition to interesting material, it is planned to attract readers by writing technically accurate and competent articles. We welcome comments to articles that can enlarge and supplement the material of the site.

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In the close future, the site will implement useful services for the selection of goods and calculators for car owners either.