Drip Irrigation System – How to connect a dripper for a pot.

In this article about drip irrigation system we will go through each step of installing a dripper for a pot in your garden.

Drip Irrigation System for pots


  1. Big Connector
  2. Small Connector
  3. Dripper
  4. Water Hose
  5. Drill
Drip Irrigation: Materials
Drip Irrigation: Materials

Step 1

In this step you should make a hole in your water pipe for irrigation. The hole should be a few mm smaller than the diameter of the big connector (1). Select a drill (5) and compare its diameter with that of the connector (1).

Make a marking on your drill using tape or band to ensure that the drill won’t go all the way through your water pipe.

Step 1. Drill a Hole
Step 1: Video

Step 2

Next insert the big connector (1) into the water pipe.

Step 3

After that insert the small connector (2) into the big connector (1). The funnel of the small connector should point at you.

Step 4

In this step join the water hose (4) with the small connector (2). To make the process easier, first place the end of the water hose into a hot water for 10 seconds and then connect it.

Step 5

Finally, connect the dripper (3) to the water hose (4) and by turning its red head find the right water pressure for your plant.

Final Words

Drip Irrigation System: Final Result

I hope you found this article useful. Feel free to comment about your own experience below and good luck with your drip irrigation system!

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